Refugees welcome
Free admission for refugees

The Zeppelin Museum is offering all refugees free admission to its exhibitions - and the opportunity to use the museum as a place to work, create and retreat.

From now on, people with refugee status will have the opportunity to visit the museum free of charge. All that is needed is a document certifying this status.

"This action is an expression of our solidarity with refugees from Ukraine," explains director Claudia Emmert. "Especially the current exhibition "Relationship Status: Open. Art and Literature at Lake Constance", with its integrated living room, offers the opportunity to stay in the museum for a longer period of time, to research, read or work there," Emmert explains further. "We want to take advantage of that."

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Visitors will find armchairs, tables and chairs, a small library and free WLAN in the exhibition. You can bring and use your own laptops, books or work materials. The Zeppelin Museum is also happy to welcome young visitors and children. Since Easter, the freely accessible ZeppLab has been transformed into a creative space where families can meet to create, read, play, and exchange ideas.

In addition, free open workshops are held at regular intervals in the ZeppLab, where people can tinker, paint and create - if possible accompanied by various interpreters in several languages.

Families, children, young people and adults are cordially invited to visit the Zeppelin Museum, to work here, to be creative and to get in contact to each other.

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