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Are dogs permitted?

Assistance dogs such as guide dogs for the blind, diabetes dogs, autism dogs or epilepsy dogs are allowed into the museum, provided they have an authorisation that is visible to others. For this purpose, identification blankets in three different sizes are available in the museum, which can be borrowed at the cash desk upon presentation of an identity card.
Unfortunately, other dogs are not allowed in the museum.

Where can I book a scenic flight with the Zeppelin-NT?

You can book a scenic flight online at or via phone: +49 (0)7541 59000

Is it possible to visit the archive and the library?

For visits to the archive and the library please call in advance: tel. +49 7541 3801-70

Is it possible to pay the entrance with a credit card?

As a rule, entrance fees, guided tours, and special events must be paid in Euros and in cash at the box office. Visitors from Switzerland can also pay in their own currency. Card payments are accepted for purchases of 50 Euros and more.

What about accessibility?

The museum is situated in a historic building from 1932. However, accessibility was an important aspect during the conversion in 1996. As a result, all exhibition rooms are easily reachable via lift – with the exception of the reconstruction of the Hindenburg LZ 129. Audio guides provide information on the exhibits for visually impaired visitors.

Is it permitted to take photographs inside the museum?

Taking photos without a flash and without a tripod is permitted. Please note that photography equipment can only be taken into the museum in small bags. Different regulations might apply during temporary exhibitions. The supervisory staff will be happy to provide you with information.

Are bags, rucksacks, umbrellas etc. permitted inside the museum?

The aim is to protect exhibits and other visitors. As it cannot be ruled out that somebody carrying a rucksack on their back might touch or even damage objects hanging on the walls or hurt other visitors, these items must be locked away. Umbrellas, sticks with points, and selfie sticks can also be dangerous and have to be locked away. To protect the exhibits food and drinks are also not allowed. Walking aids are of course permitted.
The largest lockers are 83 cm x 29 cm x 48 cm.

Is there a storage facility for larger luggage?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any storage facilities for luggage apart from the lockers.
The largest lockers are 83 cm x 29 cm x 48 cm.

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