Zeppelin Musseum's multimedia app
Before, during and after your visit. Free and multilingual.

Extensive background information, Images and videos on the history of zeppelins and airships. Info on the top-class art collection and current exhibition projects.

Discover the museum from home with video tours and podcasts. Drift through the museum in the 'discovery mode' and with the highlight tours through our collections. Or follow our director on her favorite route. Discover the Zeppelin Museum your own way!

Exhibits can be individually combined into tours, depending on interest, desired duration or occasion. In addition, the app offers classic audiobook tours for technology and art enthusiasts. Children join the museum cat Wopsie on an exciting adventure tour through the art and technology collection.

Object images, exhibition views and historical material complement the exhibits on display and are further enhanced by video tours by experts, podcasts, lectures and conversations with artists.

The 'discovery mode' shows visitors exhibits near them in the museum. Push notifications inform about events and promotions. Stay up to date and look forward to exciting new features!

Available in English, French, Italian and German.

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App unter der Hindenburg

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