in the Zeppelindorf

The Schauhaus can be visited as part of a booked guided tour.

Individual visitors can visit it from May to October on Sundays from 12 to 5 pm.

Adults (17 years and over): 5 €
FN-Guest Card:
4 €

Experience the show house, an authentic working class dwelling from the early 20th century, the inception of the Zeppelin industry, and part of the industrial workers’ village “Zeppelindorf”.

Step into meticulously reconstructed and authentically furnished living quarters from different eras, and learn more about the living conditions of a working-class family between 1914 and today. In the attic, a small exhibition illuminates connections between urban and industrial history, and gives insights to the private lives of the residents. The show house is an ideal addition to the exhibition on airship history and technology at the Zeppelin Museum.

 The large garden behind the house originally formed an important basis for the residents’ food supply. Today the garden is again designed as a utility garden and is organized by the city’s office for environment, and in collaboration with the “Green Classroom” of the city of Friedrichshafen.

Grünes Klassenzimmer Friedrichshafen

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