Roland Fuhrmann
Higher beings

16.12.2011 – 26.02.2012

The title of the exhibition came from accidental finds from private Zeppelin photos that were snapped in the 1920-30s by contemporaries.

For the uninitiated, photographer of the past, it was probably a particular challenge to bring the camera fast enough in position to keep the rapidly drifting zeppelins still in the viewfinder. Too often threatened the airship to disappear behind buildings. And sometimes it came to black areas in the upper right corner of the photo, where a house originally was situated. This small photographic "accidents" recalled Roland Fuhrmann to a classic of modern painting history.

"Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!" headlined Sigmar Polke in 1969 his famous painting. What he meant by that, will probably never be completely fathomed. An ironic comment in Polke`s sense are provided by the Zeppelins and their photos with the black corners. The exhibition therefore, revolves explicitly around these "Higher Beings" that trigger an uncontrollable reflex photo since all times. Zeppelins show herself in the mirror of art and raise questions with regard to the cultural status, occupied by the image in our society. Above and below, power and submission are further themes of the exhibition, which will meet the visitors with photographs, videos, sculptures and installations.

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