Anton Stankowski

05.10.2012 – 27.01.2013

Anton Stankowski oeuvre impresses with its variety of media, ranging from photography to painting through to commercial art. His work influenced the appearance of Germany permanently and therefore he is rightly regarded as one of the greatest graphic designers, artists and photographers of his time.

Experimental Photography, snapshots, photo montages and documentary photographs prove his creative versatility and bear witness to the unquenchable visual curiosity that has driven him throughout his life. The overarching goal of his photographic endeavor was to build up a kind of inventory of the objects in the world.

In his projects he made no difference, the smallest detail was just as important to him as an observation of a street scene, or one of his self-portraits. His archive grew steadily, so that at the end of his life he could develop new ideas and designs out of a huge photo archive of over 40,000 negatives. Usually these ideas had a direct impact on his commercial work. Right after an exhibition about Andreas Feininger, with whom Stankowski participated together at the legendary exhibition "Film und Foto" of the Deutscher Werkbund in Stuttgart in 1929, the Zeppelin Museum devotes now Stankowski a major solo exhibition. In addition to numerous photographic works, the exhibition is also an insight into his work as a commercial artist.

"Anton Stankowski - Photography" - an illustrated book with about 120 pictures the accompanies the exhibition

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