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05.03.2010 – 25.04.2010

Mobility, migration and immigration are central forces for social change. Anyone moving into a new town finds a completely unfamiliar situation. Those already living there look upon people coming from outside their town, region or country as “the others”: foreigners to be scrutinised, understood, controlled, used or integrated.

This gives rise to talk about the majority and its minorities, to images and notions that can easily turn into prejudices. Our exhibition asks about these images of immigration and migration at the local, national and international level.

Both sides have to redefine their identity in the new living situation that arises. The process of finding this identity is made most visible through the work of artists, as they are a leap ahead in cultural self-awareness owing to their inner and outer mobility. The impulses given to the Early Modern Art were in fact generated by migrants. The intellectual impact of the Russian Avant-Garde reached Western Europe precisely through the personal presence of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Alexei Jawlensky and El Lissitzky, who brought revolutionary pathos and formal innovations into German artist groups. Therefore the exhibition shows the both the works of artists who live and work in Germany as well as artistic items that explicitly deal with the theme of migration.

It also takes a close look at the history of Friedrichshafen. After all, everyone is where they are because of a migration at sometime. Like every other town, Friedrichshafen has been affected by migratory movements, large and small: Schwabian children (Schwabenkinder), guest workers, immigrant engineers and skilled workers, and asylum seekers are part of the town’s history and identity. Not least, there are eight different nationalities representing the VfB Friedrichshafen professional volleyball team.

Artists taking part: Tony Cragg, Christine Hill, Barbara Klemm, Rirkrit Tiravanija, to mention but a few.

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