Come As You Are
The absent body in the art

06.08.2010 – 28.11.2010

The Kunstraum: Morgenstrasse from Karlsruhe is presenting its exhibition "Come As You Are" in the Cabinet for Graphic Arts. On the occasion of the current display of the legendary burial shroud of Torino, the curators Martin Heus and Jacob Birken have investigated the issue as to what we actually see when we gaze upon this shroud.

It is a matter of the fundamental question as to whether in fact images are at all capable of closing the gap created by the loss of the body in life.

In this exhibition, not only phototography but also painting as well as video and performance art provide sufficient occasion for investigating the question as to the representability of bodies.

Works by Bruce Nauman, Via Lewandowsky, Jim Cambell, Axel Philipp, Jeffrey Vallance and Tobias Trutwin are presented, complemented by works from the permanent collection of the Zeppelin Museum, above all by previously undisplayed original prints by Otto Dix.

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