Mobility and Art

20.05.2011 – 11.09.2011

Our automobiles go faster and faster, become more and more comfortable, and are simultaneously entangled longer and longer in hopeless traffic jams. This sober observation raises innumerable questions and is certainly one reason why the catchword "speeding standstill," coined by Paul Virilio back in 1989, is discussed in wider circles than simply those of sociologists and philosophers.

The exhibition at the Zeppelin Museum reflects the historical, technical and museum-pedagogical aspects through selected works of art by contemporary international artists with regard to these questions—here art offers the possibility of a cross-sectional cultural investigation. The works of art on display demonstrate the complexity of possible artistic reactions to crucial issues with respect to individual and social mobility which, in an era of increasingly flexible living- and working-patterns, number among the most important and forward-looking themes.

What does mobility mean for our personal life? Against which historical background has mobility unfolded as the most important theme of modernism? And how can mobility be conceived in the future, when resources will become more and more restricted just as the number of persons striving for mobility is constantly increasing throughout the world? These are the issues to which the participating artists address themselves in highly diverse manners.

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