Héctor Zamora
Sciame di dirigibili / Zeppelin swarms

31.03.2011 – 12.07.2015

Visitors to the 53rd Venice Art Biennale two years ago encountered swarms of Zeppelin everywhere: airships that the Mexican artist Héctor Zamora (born 1974) had scattered throughout the city and in various exhibition rooms.

Zeppelin models swarmed in groups hung from the ceiling; an animation film showed the invasion of countless Zeppelins in Venice; posters in the city advertised for a Zeppelin fair that never took place; a Zeppelin or Blimp was wedged in a passageway; and even the street painters had eternalised the airships in their touristic paintings. The impression that Zeppelins were really taking over Venice was unavoidable – yet there remained the doubt as to whether all that really could have happened: “Where do these wondrous Zeppelins come from and which foreign power is behind their flight?”

Hector Zamora positions his work quite consciously between reality and fiction. Although, on closer inspection, the possibility of an actual invasion is soon revealed as ‘fake’ - an illusion - as an idea it is all the more compelling for that. He uses it to show that the Zeppelin myth even today is the trigger for many positively held associations – a myth that excites and inspires the imagination of an international public.

For the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen the artist has modified the project and created his first solo exhibition for a museum with a work that he had realised elsewhere. Reference to the original installation is made by the empty airship hull in the room. This is the wedged blimp, which is now presented as a relic and reference. It is as though Zamora’s Zeppelins have come ‘home’ again and now want to tell us of their adventure in Venice.

The exhibition has been generously supported by the Kunststiftung Zeppelin Museum e.V. arts trust.

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