Awst & Walther
The Earth is blue

31.10.2013 – 02.02.2014

As part of the exhibition series Off-Space meets Museum, the guest curator Heiko Schmid has developed a multipart project that weaves together art and cultural-historical perspectives under the title Archaeology of the Future.

The project is divided into three phases: three scientific lectures, a book presentation, and the exhibition Die Erde ist blau (The Earth is blue) by Awst & Walther.

The starting point for the project was a search in the LZ Archive. This archive is outstanding for the many documents and photographs that show how enthusiastic and optimistic people were in the early 20th century in their approval of the revolutionary technologies of the time. Many of the documents kept in the archive therefore express a faith in progress – although this is now judged rather critically. And it is exactly this ‘historical’ notion of progress that is looked at by the artists. Every technology has to deal with the scenario of disaster and must develop exit scenarios. The emergency exit sign is one such exit scenario that the two artists question and reduce to absurdity in subtle fashion.

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