Greser & Lenz
That's a really witty joke!

07.02.2014 – 27.04.2014

A pub bar counter with beer pumps, a landlady busily rinsing glasses, and an elderly customer lost in thought with a speech bubble above his head – nothing more is needed by the two cartoonists Achim Greser (born 1961) and Heribert Lenz (born 1958), otherwise known as Greser & Lenz, for their art of saying things directly.

“They should forbid everything!” is written in the speech bubble, and makes clear what people think who feel cheated by society, politics or life itself.

Since 1996 the well-established team have been drawing under the motto “Every war has its victims, and the same applies for the good joke” for the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), from 2004 to 2013 for Stern magazine, and since 2013 also for Focus magazine. With their work Greser & Lenz have made a name for themselves in the last two decades. In 2004 they were honoured with the “Winged Pencil” in gold award of the Deutscher Karikaturenpreis (German caricature prize).

The Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen is devoting a large individual exhibition to the two cartoonists from 7 February to 27 April 2014. From the archive which has since grown to several thousand original drawings, around 200 cartoons have been carefully selected. Newspapers, films and photographs round off the exhibition, and offer an insight into the way the Greser & Lenz work; the duo target the Republic and its political landscape from their home town Aschaffenburg. Beside the subject areas of sport, politics, current affairs and religion, the exhibition will also provide a forum for technology.

An exhibition catalogue is being published with about 190 colour illustrations and an essay from Andreas Platthaus, comics expert and deputy arts editor of the F.A.Z.

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