Matt Wand
Dead End in the Sky

31.01.2015 – 05.04.2015

Art that is not only audible but also tells of the zeppelin legend is quite rare. The English sound artist Matt Wand, however, approached this topic in collaboration with the SWR. The result is worth a listen!

This ‘audio electro-acoustimentary’ is an invitation to a seven-day aeronautic voyage during which listeners will become acquainted with a number of eccentric guests. One of the main attractions is Madam Mertvyeslova, a clairvoyant who gets in touch with the deceased relatives of her fellow travellers. A vast mass of both true and invented little stories form the basis for the acoustic artwork, thereby bringing to mind the remarkable events of the 140-year history and mythology of airships. This sound trip is supplemented by 3D pictures from the inside of an airship.

Matt Wand was born in Urmston, Manchester in 1961 and lives and works in Salford, England. The artist primarily became known as part of the group Stock, Hausen & Walkman (1989-2002), but also through his frequent collaborations with Tony Oxley. Stock, Hausen & Walkman made a name for themselves with subversive collages consisting of many samples. Besides live performances, radio works, and installations, Matt Wand has written scripts for short films and animation films. In 1988 he won the Goldcrest Award for the best short film. He also runs the artistic record label Hot Air. He recently created the radio plays ‘Parking Arrangements’ and ‘Harassing the Dead for a Loan’ for the SWR (SWR 2013).

About the radio play:

Translated from English to German by Christian von Arnim
With: Valery Tscheplanowa and Julia Neupert
Composition: Matt Wand
Direction: Matt Wand
Speech direction for the German version: Iris Drögekamp
(Production: SWR 2014)
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