debatorial® for
Beyond States. The Boundaries of Statehood

24.09.2020 – 07.11.2021

The topics of the exhibition "Beyond States. The Boundaries of Statehood" are more topical than ever during this global pandemic. The three constituent factors of a state – state territory, citizenship and state authority – which are reflected throughout the exhibition act like a magnifying glass for current conflicts.

The Zeppelin Museum starts with a digital prologue

The Zeppelin Museum invites you to actively participate in its online platform, the debatorial®. Divided in five main chapters that discuss current and future relevancy of states, the #debatorial® reflects upon current developments:

Public Participation

Next to curators, experts and artists, the Zeppelin Museum invites the public to exchange ideas, information and experiences and to upload photos and videos. Focus is on the process itself: everybody can be part of the discourse by sharing posts and taking part in discussions. Surveys, Zoom meetings, podcasts, games and interactive maps are part of the interactive platform. New content is continuously produced and expanded. The #debatorial® is a discursive space for exchange and debate where the research about the exhibition is made accessible.

The debatorial® is the first of the three chapters making up the exhibition “Beyond States. The Boundaries of Statehood”. The second chapter is the physical exhibition that discusses both current developments and aviation history in the 19th century. Objects relating to borders, statehood and the associated propaganda supplement the artistic positions. The exhibition asks questions on the demarcation and regulation of the third dimension, uninhibited aerial warfare and power political propaganda. The whole process will be examined in the third chapter, a digital epilogue.

The digital platform debatorial® invites everyone to participate. We want to know about the positions and opinions of our digital and physical visitors and simultaneously provide access to our own research. This way, we intend to combine the societal treatment of problems with scientific analysis. We are also expanding the notion of an "exhibition" as a pure presentation of results to a discursive process. Dr. Claudia Emmert, Director of the Zeppelin Museum

Among others, Herfried Münkler (political scientist with a focus on political theory and the history of ideas), Dr. Nina Perkowski (IFSH, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy), Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer (Universität Bielefeld), Prof. Daniel Thym (Department of Public Law, European and International Law at the University of Konstanz, Federal Expert Commission for the framework conditions of integration capacity), Prof. Dr. Rafael Behr (professor for police science at the Hamburg Police Academy, lecturer at the University of Hamburg), Peng! Collective, Mattea Weihe, sea watch and Miro Dittrich (platform "de:hate" of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation which monitors internet right-wing extremists) will speak about the topics of the debatorial®.
Curators: Dr. Claudia Emmert, Director, Ina Neddermeyer, head of the art department, Jürgen Bleibler, head of the Zeppelin department, Dominik Busch, head of the public discourse & mediation department, Felix Banzhaf, research associate with the Zeppelin department and Caroline Wind, research associate with the art department at the Zeppelin Museum.

Featuring works by:  Nevin Aladağ ++ James Bridle ++ Simon Denny ++ Vera Drebusch & Florian Egermann  ++  Forensic Oceanography/Forensic Architecture  ++   Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman & Daniel Keller ++ Peng! Kollektiv ++ Christopher Kulendran Thomas ++ Henrike Naumann ++ Jonas Staal

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