Pathways to Abstraction.
Marta Hoepffner and Willi Baumeister

29.11.2019 – 01.11.2020

This exhibition contrasts two artists that at first glance couldn’t seem more different. Willi Baumeister (1889-1955) is one of the most influential artists of the abstract movement. Marta Hoepffner (1912-2000) is one of the key figures of experimental photography.

The exhibition shines a light on the work of Marta Hoepffner, a key representative of experimental photography. To date, her oeuvre is little-known and rarely shown. Her works are juxtaposed paintings by Willi Baumeister. From 1929 onwards, Baumeister, one of the most important abstract painters, was Hoepffner’s professor at the Frankfurt Art School. When he was dismissed from his professorship in 1933, she showed her solidarity by also leaving the school. The impulses Hoepffner received from Baumeister defined her artistic development. Modern painting trained her eye and formed the basis of her work. Although at first sight, the two artists could not be more different, they are linked by their path into abstraction and their departure from representationalism.

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