Katrin Ströbel and Mohammed Laouli
Frontières Fluides – Fluid Boundaries

31.07.2015 – 04.10.2015

The artists Katrin Ströbel and Mohammed Laouli are interested in the hybridity of identities and the moment of transit. Since the industrial revolution, spatial movement has been become commonplace in the field of work in the Western World; in times of global migration movements it is currently a highly controversial issue. In the exhibition frontières fluides - fluid boundaries in the Zeppelin Museum, they connect the Mediterranean and the Lake Constance area as two different geopolitical and cultural spaces.

For commuters who daily pas confines of the three-contry triangle, national borders do not matter. Likewise, tourists hardly notice within their traveling in the Lake Constance region that they have just left Germany and enter, for example, Austria. This poses a stark contrast to the border crossing of people who do not come from the neighboring countries. Many migrants and refugees live in the Lake Constance region. Also, for the artists Katrin Ströbel and Mohammed Laouli the crossing, overcoming and visualization of borders is part of their everyday life; of their nomadic artist life. The artist duo deals critically with the conditions of travel and would like to make aware of the omnipresence of migration.

In the ZeppLab video installations frontières fluides - fluid boundaries, eight films will be shown. The moving pictures show boats, water, beaches and cartography; human being's voiceovers talk about their lives, their transition in Mediterranean Sea and their motives to leave their country. The rich symbolic imagery and fragmented stories contribute to an abstract and poetic narrative. Audio and visual material do not follow the usual case the public viewing experience, they rather mix in smooth transitions.

The reception performance of the viewer is to assemble the several parts to a whole. The superposition of different voices and languages reflects the intrinsic relationship between language, narrative and identity: The individual stories express how experiences shape our collective and individual identity, which is subject to constant negotiation process. The simultaneous meeting of several stories manifest the complexity of the world, which is in contrast to the simple representations of victims and perpetrator's role and generalizations of individual destinies to a homogeneous mass of perceived fates by the media-conveyed narrations of flight and migration.

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