Departure into the Unknown.
Classical Modernism at Lake Constance

11.12.2018 – 12.05.2019

The first half of the 20th century was a time of awakening in art, young radical artists representing different movements rivalled one another. Works by artists such as Otto Dix, Willi Baumeister, and Erich Heckel from the Zeppelin Museum’s collection impressively illustrate these contrasts.

However, it was also the time of the two world wars and the totalitarian systems in Europe. The Lake Constance region played an important role as a place of refuge for artists who opted for “inner emigration” during the Nazi dictatorship. Many of the representational and abstract works in the exhibition manifest the fight for new forms of expression in classical modernist painting. Graphic works by various artists as well as photographs by Andreas Feininger provide further insights into the dynamics of this period.

Artists: Max Ackermann, Willi Baumeister, Karl Caspar, Maria Caspar-Filser, Otto Dix, Andreas Feininger, André Ficus, Karl Hájek Kunze, Erich Heckel, Carl Hofer, Adolf Hölzel, Hans Purrmann

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